5 Critical Components of B2B Marketing

by Bryan Gray


 Its a simple mix - and yet missed by so many.

There are five critical components of B2B marketing— neuro-science based claims development and messaging, content, website traffic, a website, and, of course, conversion. These are ultimately the only five that really matter and yet the B2B marketing landscape is like a field of broken dreams.

I originally wrote in the context of social media marketing - but I’ve expanded for digital as a whole.

People buy based on fears and needs

Start with a neuro-science based approach that focuses on your customer’s needs, fears and pain—and extend this into all aspects of digital.

Content is the driver

Whether it's traffic or conversions, content is the piece that attracts and helps drive conversions; especially when it’s relevant, useful and audience specific.

Traffic matters

When it comes to the big metrics - traffic is one of the big three. Traffic can originate from organic sources, PPC and social ads.


Our CEO likes to ask our clients - “is your website your lead sales person?” Your website should generate consumption and conversion.

Conversion matters

Even with great messaging and the right traffic, conversion is the most important piece. Whether it’s micro or macro conversions, we all want real results and tangible outcomes.

Yes, it’s challenging to get all five components right, but the outcomes make the effort worthwhile.

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