The Top Three Reasons Your Sales Team Struggles to Close Deals

by Sara Wesche

It’s no secret it’s harder than ever to stand out and differentiate from your competition. Today’s sales teams are facing three major obstacles in their path to closing more deals, and ultimately revenue growth.

Craft Breweries Are Owning Their Why

by Toni Swanson

It’s Octoberfest in Michigan, which happens to have more craft breweries than 46 of the 50 States. You can’t throw a stone here without hitting a brewery. And it’s rare to see anyone picking up a Bud these days.

How to Create a Sales Pitch That Closes More Deals

by Sara Wesche

You’ve made it to the short list and now it’s time for the final presentation to a room full of decisions makers. But, the real decision-maker in the room is not a person.

Should I Hire an Agency?

by Nate Torvik

Cost Savings Team of Experts Tools and Technologies Industry Experience External Ideas/Opinions Time and Effort 6 Reasons You Should Hire A Marketing Agency You’ve all heard it before, especially those business owners out there. You need to invest in digital marketing, or traditional marketing, or whatever marketing is trending right now. In order […]

Google Medic Update

by Nate Torvik

Around August 1, 2018, Google rolled out what it has been calling one of its many core algorithm updates. Initially title the “Medic” update, many SEOs and industry professionals were noting that many healthcare and health-related websites were the most affected by the update. However, looking at some of the indicators and trends, it looks as if […]

Drone Technology - A Sign of the Times

by Sara Wesche

Yes, this photo is real. This sign was posted on a telephone pole that is typically reserved for garage sales and missing pets. But, a missing drone. That's a new one. I chuckled, and I wondered if this person would actually get their drone back...or if the drone is sitting crushed into pieces in the trash can of a disgruntled neighbor.

How to Use Technology and Trust to Prove Your Convincing Advantages

by Sara Wesche

We, as a society don't trust. According to The General Social Survey, since the 1970s, our trust in other's has dropped by almost 20%. And it's not just people we don't trust. Only 12% of Americans trust the press, only 14% trust banks, and only 14% trust government officials. Heck, we don't even trust those closest to us. Only 42% of people trust […]

What is Mobile-First Indexing and Why Should You Care?

by Nate Torvik

Over the past few months, Google has begun to roll out an element of their search that has been a hot topic of discussion: mobile-first indexing. We know that mobile usage is having an effect on every business online, and we know that more users every day are picking up a phone or tablet to find their answers. But what does a shift to mobile-first […]

Here's a $250M Reason Your Credit Union Must "Own Your Why"

by Sara Wesche

Is your credit union one of a hundred, or one in a million? Here's a $250M reason your must  Own Your Why.

What's the Only Question That Matters?

by Jesse Laffen

Everyone that's considering a purchase – a B2B customer, a B2C consumer, it doesn't matter – has a really simple question they want to be answered, and it boils down to some variation of: is it going to work?

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