Hey Google, can you tell me how voice search is killing my SEO?

by Sara Wesche

Who would have thought a 6"x 4" speaker would change your life? Whether it's Google Home or Alexa - sidenote, at 70%, Alexa currently dominates the US speaker market - smart speakers are moving into homes and businesses at a rapid pace. According to research from NPR and Edison Research, 1 in 6 Americans owns a smart speaker. That's a 128% […]

That Time When a Powerpoint Presentation Was the Best SEO Strategy

by Jesse Laffen

A while back, a prospect came to us looking for help. Their search traffic had all but disappeared. Leads from the website were halved, and the president of the company had suddenly become embroiled in the details of SEO.

Top Three Reasons We Are Still Blogging in 2018

by Sara Wesche

"There are millions of blog posts published daily, will ours even get read?"

If CUs are all about the member, why does it appear that many efforts are driven with blinders on?

by Doug Macias

So far, 2018 has been full of great conversations, and it's always interesting to get input about the credit union industry from the outside. A discussion we have time and again revolves around how fierce the competition has become. It begs the question, are we are truly in the age of survival? There are announcements almost daily about future […]

Three Must Haves For Your Convincing Advantages

by Bryan Gray


Kill Messaging. Launch Your Convincing Advantages.

by Bryan Gray


Messaging Vs. Convincing Advantages

by Bryan Gray

There are too many instances of “messaging” hitting your prospects. Consider using the convincing advantages approach to stand out from the crowd.

5 Critical Components of B2B Marketing

by Bryan Gray


Identity Crisis. If They Don’t Know Who You Are, Maybe It’s Because YOU Don’t Know Either?

by Bryan Gray

You can’t expect customers to come to your door if they’re uncertain who you are or what benefits you can bring them, argues Bryan Gray of Revenue Path Group. Lack of a Strong Message – AKA a unique, compelling and consistent value proposition - is one of the Five Great Threats to revenue growth through effective selling.

“The Long Goodbye” AKA The Extended Sales Cycle

by Bryan Gray

Extended sales cycles are NOT an indicator of positively developing relationships, argues Bryan Gray of Revenue Path Group. Quite the opposite. They are one of the Five Great Threats to revenue growth through effective selling.

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